Designing and building a house is not for the faint of heart; I can’t imagine how we could have done it without Gayle’s unfailing reliability, courtesy and good humor.

Maureen Simons, The Sea Ranch, CA

Working with Gayle Forster on our renovation projects over six years has been nothing but fun and deeply satisfying. Gayle has worked diligently and patiently with our schedules, our budgets, our singular needs, and our crazy ideas. Gayle’s skills include not only her practiced eye for the right detail, but the practical matters of finding the right contractor, managing the projects in our absence, and sourcing the right fixtures and materials. We have a couple more projects to do and I can’t wait to work on them with Gayle.

Harriet Rose, Sea Ranch Residential Remodel

Your integrity and professionalism were the anchors of this entire building project.

Even when others on the project dropped the ball, you were always there to pick up the pieces.

You were the glue that held so many things together.

Maureen & Tad Simons, The Sea Ranch, CA

Throughout the process, Gayle helped me find my way through what could have been a very intimidating process.

David Hillmer, The Sea Ranch, CA

Professional, artistic, on time and on budget… because of your attributes, I always look forward to working with you on my business and personal design projects

Marianne Harder, owner​ ​Frank Howard Allen Realtors, Gualala, CA

We couldn’t have sold it without you. Thank you so much!​

Hanne Liisberg, owner​ ​The Coastal Real Estate Co., Gualala and The Sea Ranch, CA